Conversations With My Thumb

Typically, your hands are the weakest link in a chain when working back. If your grip gives out first, you won’t be able to maximally stimulate your back, no matter how strong all the other links are.

Add some severe narrowing and severe arthritis of the first CMC joint (joint of the hand) you have the makings of a debilitating disease that could be nothing more than an excuse to do nothing.

OR the opportunity to take proactive steps to healing and getting stronger.

thumbless 2I was taught years ago that in back weight training you are to use a thumb-less grip.  It eliminates the bicep (we want to take the action AWAY from the bicep) which can assist in exercise performance when it comes to working the back muscles. You then isolate the targeted muscles and get the most from the movement.thumbless grip

Old habits die hard.  Despite an achy, swollen thumb joint for the last year I kept going.   Some good days, some bad days.  But, always kept moving.  I would talk to my thumb, caress and nurture my thumb.  I’d tell my thumb how much I loved it and appreciated it.  Yep, unconditional love for my body.  My conversations with my thumb joint were heard…….dumbell

One year later; reduced pain, improved function and minimal swelling!!! All naturally.

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“Many drugs used to treat rheumatoid arthritis have potentially serious side effects.”

Post RESET Half way point “Dig and Honor Yourself”

With this still being February, I’d like to talk a bit more about love.  Yes, just a bit more about self love.  I think this is important due to the fact that no matter what program you connect with to improve your health, sooner or later your going to hear the voices.  Don’t kid yourself, everyone has a level of self love that could be just a bit higher.  This IS the make or break point.  The voices of low self love can be scary.

Mother Teresa said  the world has a greater hunger for love than they do for bread.

Can we go with  the onion thing.  Over the last couple of months you have started to peel away layers of your being.  Your/we’re starting to get to the core part. How did my health get to this low level?  What habits have been self sabotaging?   Take a minute and write them down.

Lets do a little exercise.  Imagine yourself.  Now, take yourself and place it outside of you. Sure put it on a pedestal.  You are now looking down and back at you, your life, your experience, your journey.  Can you see all the mountains you have climbed?  Find that one BIG mountain, look at it.  Damn, that was big.  The odds were really against you!  And… did it.  Can you see all the nay sayers that are gone by the way side?  That’s ok.  You have a bigger plan.

Psychology Today has a good post about self love being your trump card, which I couldn’t have said better.

Now would be a good time to start playing it!

self love oneYour loved and your worth it!

Accountability and Self Love


Accountability. The highest form of self love presents itself in your level of accountability to yourself.

I like to look at life as a basket full of circumstances.

Lets imagine your life as one of these baskets. In looking at your basket of accountability, who’s in there? A spouse/partner? Children? Boss? Aging parents? Where are you in there? Are you even there?

Today, I invite you to reach down into the basket. Dig around. Still looking? Ah you found something that resembles the shape of you. You can’t really tell for sure because although you can feel it, your unable to see it. There is so much stuff, circumstances and other people in there.

Grasp it tight. Got it? Good. Now pull out the drowning shape. There, got it!

Now have a good look at the shaped object of you. Whether you feel like it or not, smile at it. Whether you feel like it or not, tell the shape your looking at in your hand how awesome they are. Because you are.

Ready, gently place “you” back. This time on the top!

A MUST watch on self love.

Now, go have yourself a great, on top of the pile day.