Love, Yoga, Body

  B.K.S. Iyengar sums it up this way:  “ Even as the body ages and is able to do less, there are subtleties that reveal themselves, which would be invisible to younger or more athletic bodies. You have to create love and affection for your body, for what it can do for you. Love must … Continue reading Love, Yoga, Body

The Healthy Side Of Church

Christmas this year....we did it!   My family and I, we pulled it off as a team.  Lots of "less" and more being open to receiving.  Family time was beautiful.  Went to the mass for the first time in years, needed a place to sing my heart out.  *insert health note*: did you know that when … Continue reading The Healthy Side Of Church

Money Love (Challenge) Language

Day 19 of The 21 Day Money Love Challenge and we are invited to be observant of our words.  Words particularly, but of course, around money. The very first "seminar" I attended about 7 years ago was Michael Losier and The Law of Attraction. Thoughts most often are from programming.  Programing from any one of the … Continue reading Money Love (Challenge) Language

Conversations With My Thumb

Typically, your hands are the weakest link in a chain when working back. If your grip gives out first, you won’t be able to maximally stimulate your back, no matter how strong all the other links are. Add some severe narrowing and severe arthritis of the first CMC joint (joint of the hand) you have … Continue reading Conversations With My Thumb

Post RESET Half way point “Dig and Honor Yourself”

With this still being February, I'd like to talk a bit more about love.  Yes, just a bit more about self love.  I think this is important due to the fact that no matter what program you connect with to improve your health, sooner or later your going to hear the voices.  Don't kid yourself, … Continue reading Post RESET Half way point “Dig and Honor Yourself”

Accountability and Self Love

; Accountability. The highest form of self love presents itself in your level of accountability to yourself. I like to look at life as a basket full of circumstances. Lets imagine your life as one of these baskets. In looking at your basket of accountability, who's in there? A spouse/partner? Children? Boss? Aging parents? Where … Continue reading Accountability and Self Love