The Healthy Side Of Church

Christmas this year….we did it! 

 My family and I, we pulled it off as a team. 

Lots of “less” and more being open to receiving. 

Family time was beautiful. 

Went to the mass for the first time in years, needed a place to sing my heart out. 
*insert health note*: did you know that when you open up to singing and humming, you’re stimulating the vagus nerve The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve that emerges directly from the brain, it snakes throughout your body. That gut feeling and healthy gut we talk about, yep, it’s your vagus nerve. 

With the focus slowly transitioning to the new year, here’s what I like to suggest: pick a system in your body. Rather than “loosing” 5/10 or more pounds, focus on one system, learn about it (it is your home you’re living in). Chances are the more energy, weight loss, improved sleep will follow.  
This year, I’m starting 2017 with a focus on self love, a radical self love program, starting with my vagus nerve. 
If your looking to make some radical changes in your health this year, we have just the program for you! Koolaid To Kale is about creating an intimate relationship with your body. 

Learn habits/rituals that will be lifelong and you can finally stop starting over…..again.  

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