Go Soft

"Soften up" I was instructed (repeatedly) yesterday as I was guided through one on one yoga coaching.  My immediate internal reaction was resistance.  I could feel it not only in my solar plexus (my energetic garbage can) but I could feel the lump in my throat that would travel to my eyes in resisting, thinking … Continue reading Go Soft

Koolaid To Kale

Quite simply put..........are you tired of starting over......AGAIN! "THIS will be my year" you said about 330 days ago.  Yet, as the last month of the year looms, your mind drifts to the short comings of your health goals that you may have either started and fell by the wayside OR worse, didn't get past … Continue reading Koolaid To Kale

Let The Heart Teach The Mind

Was the message after completing this weekend papers word search.  Completing the word search on a Sunday, I recall from my childhood, is just as warming as the smell of sauce cooking for a family dinner.  Our Sundays, growing up,  were free from to-do lists and were spent visiting family. I had a aunt that … Continue reading Let The Heart Teach The Mind