For Those That Don’t Like Exercise – 5 Tibetan Rites

I discovered this week, for times when you can't just sit for meditation or mindfulness, there's....the 5 Tibetan Rites.  Their a system of exercise, well let's call it movement, that is estimated to being 2,500 years old.  Some say it's the fountain of youth.  I took a liking to the rites because of the focus … Continue reading For Those That Don’t Like Exercise – 5 Tibetan Rites

You Cannot Run Out Of Love

One of the biggest misconceptions about exercise is that it takes away from your energy levels. That's like saying you can't love another person on account you only have so much love to give away. Crazy right. Our bodies are infinitely strong and powerful. Feeling tired? Sluggish? Creatively flat? Experts say that one of the … Continue reading You Cannot Run Out Of Love

Fact or Fiction? Muscle Weighs More than Fat

"What weighs more: A pound of feathers or a pound of lead? They weigh the same! A pound is a pound is a pound… except when you look at how much space that pound takes up." If you ever hear someone say “a pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat,” please do … Continue reading Fact or Fiction? Muscle Weighs More than Fat

Is Your Workout Encouraging ADD/ADHD

6 am class No shows No big deal I probably wasn't at my best anyhow with only 4 hours sleep. After 30 min doing circle checks in the gym (all good to go for the morning), scheduling a family meeting I am left twiddling my thumbs..... "the devil finds work for idle hands" came to … Continue reading Is Your Workout Encouraging ADD/ADHD

Koolaid To Kale

Quite simply put..........are you tired of starting over......AGAIN! "THIS will be my year" you said about 330 days ago.  Yet, as the last month of the year looms, your mind drifts to the short comings of your health goals that you may have either started and fell by the wayside OR worse, didn't get past … Continue reading Koolaid To Kale

This Ain’t Your Nonna’s Workout

Even as she aged and hands crippled with arthritis, my Nonna was tough! She was one strong cookie without ever walking into a gym. Her body was strong as she seeded, planted, tended to and harvested the garden. Jars and jars of fruit and vegetables were preserved as well as sausages made. These, all done, … Continue reading This Ain’t Your Nonna’s Workout

Fat Lady Turned Gym Rat

Yep that was me, fat and out of shape. I didn't become a Provincial Level Bodybuilding Champion overnight.  It was a journey to wellness that got me off my butt, out of the bars and moving like I did in my childhood.  A journey that had the end in mind......pain free back and body. Being … Continue reading Fat Lady Turned Gym Rat