Here’s How I Finally Got Myself to Start Exercising

In reading this article I found great common ground when she wrote “I started exercising again by running for only one minute at a time — yes, that’s right, 60 seconds.

My area had come out of lockdown and outdoor exercise in public spaces was permitted. I am fortunate that we have access to 5 sets of stairs that go up the side of the “mountain” – it’s actually part of the escarpment but since moving here years ago, I learned that there’s “up the mountain” and “below the mountain”.

I began “doing the stairs” a long (long) time ago. I used them when I would lean down for a (bodybuilding) competition. Through 8 years of competition, 3 pregnancies and recuperating from a torn meniscus, they’ve been my escape, my thinking place. Having them closed was disappointing. But, then they opened and off I go to the great outdoors to get the heart pumping.

Picking up where I left off 6 weeks earlier, 3 flights up and down felt GREAT! For 2 weeks, 3 times a week for 3 flights each session, then, it was indeed too much too soon. “Something” with my heel/skin/ankle/knee had me pull back, stop, on my cardio. After 14 days of cupping, ice, massage gun, stretching, nursing, more ice, this week I was semi-ready to get back.

I told myself that I would go 3 times a week and complete ONE FLIGHT! This is where I have the greatest challenge; to go easy. Today was day 2 and I am practicing great discipline in keeping it at one flight. It’s a long term investment I tell myself yet I feel, kinda, wimpy.

Then I came across this article that was comforting and supportive and reassuring.

Whether your just beginning OR beginning again ~ Take only one step, but take that step every day.

To paraphrase the Dalai Lama,
our goal
is not
to be better than other people;
it’s just
to be better
than our previous selves.

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