Koolaid To Kale

fullsizerender-1Quite simply put……….are you tired of starting over……AGAIN!
“THIS will be my year” you said about 330 days ago.  Yet, as the last month of the year looms, your mind drifts to the short comings of your health goals that you may have either started and fell by the wayside OR worse, didn’t get past week one!

HEY!  It’s ok!  It really is ooooooo-k.  I too have experienced procrastination on several levels.  All that can and will change with KOOLAID TO KALE!    3-months

Y’all thought I had three kids.
Truth be told…….I have four!

Number four child was a pregnancy of over 30 years and a labor of about 3 years.
With lots of pushing and stopping and more pushing and lots of stopping (aka, procrastination) the birth is completed.
Koolaid To Kale!
Not your average or ordinary lifestyle program! It focuses on three components;
                                                     meals                             mind  

I was going to “unlock the vault” today, Black Friday, have decided instead to not participate in the craziness.
Monday, November 28, Cyber Monday will be your opportunity to grab it and download it COMPLIMENTARY!!!

Check it out…….koolaidtokale.com AND BE SURE TO COME BACK MONDAY AND GRAB your road map for the healthiest and happiest you EVER!


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