The Healthy Side Of Church

Christmas this year....we did it!   My family and I, we pulled it off as a team.  Lots of "less" and more being open to receiving.  Family time was beautiful.  Went to the mass for the first time in years, needed a place to sing my heart out.  *insert health note*: did you know that when … Continue reading The Healthy Side Of Church

Move It Or Lose It…..Or Worse

Today I want to talk to you about movement.  Our bodies were designed to move, bend stretch.  I do mean more than from walk to sit to stand to sit more. Move it or lose it or in constant pain!  Or not! Failing to move, at one point, you will get a message from … Continue reading Move It Or Lose It…..Or Worse

The Scale -Ditch It Or Keep It

To weigh or not. Got to admit, I've had a love hate relationship with the scale. In my years as a competitive bodybuilder the scale would make the world of difference in whether you came in as a lightweight or middleweight, totally affecting the competitors you'd be up against. Yet in this sport (like many others) … Continue reading The Scale -Ditch It Or Keep It

Radical Self Care for Love Warriors: Heart Medicine

One thing is for certain – self care will be more critical than ever during the days ahead to maintain fortitude and stay grounded. For more structured guidance and a self-care survival toolkit, join me, sign up for her 6-week 2017 Radical Self Care ( program beginning January 5th.

Diana Quinn ND

wall_in_palestine_banksyFor the past month I’ve seen numerous patients and loved ones struggle to cope with shock, stress and grief. Many have experienced reactivated PTSD as current events trigger past traumas and even generational trauma.  In one way or another many are processing a collective experience of shock, or susto. In traditional Latin American cultures susto is described as a ‘spirit attack,’ the shamanic concept of ‘soul loss’ following an acute shock.  Susto is a variant of PTSD with chronic somatic and nervous complaints following a stressor. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive complaints
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased susceptibility to illness

While much has been said about the need to maintain vigilance, be pro-active, to not become complacent in the face of threats to democracy and social justice, it is imperative that we tend to ourselves and each other to maintain resilience for the long haul. Hypervigilance puts a tremendous strain on the nervous system…

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Licensing In Diet

It might be a little early in Koolaid To Kale to bring this up, but it will happen sooner or later.  I want you to be prepared so you can gain experience the first time and cut if off the second time. So much of this program is about the mind (if you downloaded it, … Continue reading Licensing In Diet