Licensing In Diet

It might be a little early in Koolaid To Kale to bring this up, but it will happen sooner or later.  I want you to be prepared so you can gain experience the first time and cut if off the second time.

So much of this program is about the mind (if you downloaded it, you will notice it is the largest of the three components) and the mind game.

Licensing.  Technically it means to give or grant permission, to authorize the use of something.   In relation to our diet/our meals/our nutrition that we decide on, it looks like this:  you’ve planned, you’ve made the decision to create a week or day around some choices.  It may be no late night snacking, no sugar in your coffee or tea, making sure to consume 4 veggies in a day.  

You proceed along and are doing awesome.  You want to reward yourself, and rightly so!  What do you do, what do we as humans do??  GO…..RIGHT….. TO….THE….. THING/HABIT/FOOD…..that we committed to avoiding or changing or stopping or fullsizerender-2reducing.

The thing is, it is not the calories that do the “damage”.  It is the scar on your psyche.  Right after the action/food/habit comes the beating of yourself up.  Psychologist confirm that this is a self sabotaging behavior.  

This often leads into what I like to call “the one cookie syndrome”.  You have one “cookie” (or whatever your “cookie” is) and think “that’s it.  I failed.  I’m weak. I can’t do this”.  I’m here to tell you:   you have not, you are not and YES YOU CAN.


Take that one experience, that one decision and deposit it in your psyche and move forward.  This bank account (accumulation of those decisions that support your goals) will serve you in developing not only your discipline muscle but your self love and self care muscle.

There aren’t as many bad decisions in this program, there are only experiences to bring yourself in line with WHAT DO YOU WANT?  HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

You CAN do this……one decision at a time.


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