Move It Or Lose It…..Or Worse

Today I want to talk to you about movement.  Our bodies were designed to move, bend stretch.  I do mean more than from walk to sit to stand to sit more.

Move it or lose it or worse…… in constant pain!  Or not!

Failing to move, at one point, you will get a message from your body.  Mine came in the message of a crippling back pain.  I remember the day clearly as a 19 year old, I bent over to turn on the shower, an instant piercing pain in my lower back took my breathe away and had me fall to my knees.

A quick medical assessment left me with needing to address weak abdominals.  Kinda nice to know that once upon a time exercise was the prescribed medication, rather than “a little something to help the pain”.  

I knew I was overweight at that point.  Although I don’t know what my weight was, I do recall approaching a size 18 and of course the out of shape back pain.

My message came, loud and clear.  download

In Koolaid To Kale there are three components; mind, meals, movement.  You have to start somewhere, my start was with movement.  Gyms weren’t as wide spread as they are today and besides, I would have been to embarrassed to intimidated to step into one.  By starting with simple movements at home (and a thanx to Richard Simmons and lol, leotard donning  “20 minutes workout” girls) I got healthy and strong.  I paid no attention to my meals at that point, just movement, creating an intimate relationship with my body.

/ˈmo͞ovmənt/ a celebration of what your body can do, not punishment for what you ate

Which leads me to to you……..have you started?  Yes?  No?  Why not?  When will you?  Why aren’t you?  Don’t have time, make it!

Your Koolaid To Kale program guide has simple (and I mean simple) movements.  These are good for any age, bad knees, bad back, bad shoulders – use the movements as your prescription to improved health.

AND, if your ready for the next level (cause it is all about baby steps) I found a really great 10 minute yoga with weights routine for you to try at home.  Don’t have weights? Can’t do weights (yet)?  Then do the routine without them.  You have to start somewhere.

download-110 minutes 3 times a week will get you started on strength, flexibility….to the very best, healthiest you.



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