Why Your Business Needs a Blog (and How to Get Started)

4 reasons to create a business blog. How to start a business blog. Running a blog can help you build a voice for your business

Source: Why Your Business Needs a Blog (and How to Get Started)


Say Yes to The Dress

Graduation season has me reflecting on a story……… It’s kinda interesting the things that you NEED to know about in life aren’t taught.  Has anyone here learned about business let alone money management from their parents? Then there’s the “programming“, … Continue reading

A DSA Experience

NO not that!……..Direct Selling!  It IS the best industry on the planet!  I do wonder if it is actually the oldest profession.

In thinking back to days, years, centuries ago, long before television or radio, how did the farmer, blacksmith, etc build their businesses?  One person would have an experience then share it!  Voila, direct selling by word of mouth!!!!  If you gave crappy service or product you can bet that info spread just as quickly and everyone in town and the next village knew about it.  DSA

Over the last couple of weeks we in the Direct Selling Industry have been asked the question “How has this business changed your life and the lives of people you know?” (For anyone that has been touched by the industry you are invited to sign the Direct Selling Proclamation and Compacthttp://www.directselling411.com/the-direct-selling-proclamation-and-compact/)

We have experienced numerous benefits of this industry (time/finances/connection/life changing mentors). I now have the experience of being on the other side of the industry.

I am the sort of consumer that is loyal. I seldom shop around for the better deal, (grass is greener thing) a way to save a few dollars. I find something, it works, fits my needs, I get good service; you’ve got me as a customer.

After being a client of a “certain” provider for internet and home phone service for 7 years, over the last 4 months we have experienced the absolute worse in product (unstable and un-functioning internet AND phone for days) and less than mediocre service (we have spoke to every Tom/Dick/Harry/Sally/Sue…….)from across the country to across the province, with not resolution.

All of this has left me with ENOUGH!  We have now turned to an industry that I knew very little of a few short years ago, to an industry that now supplies our technology needs.

Your reasons are your own, for us:

*we know the voice on the end of the phone
*it pleases me that I am now personally supporting someone I know personally, them and their family
*we are getting a tailored to our needs product
*the price is being invested in a quality product rather than expensive air advertising time
*we are encouraging entrepreneurship







Internships, Kinda Like A Crap Shot

With youth unemployment at record rates and well above our countries average, internships do nothing but benefit the “employer” with having this age group, basically,  working for free.

Youth under the age of 24 have an unemployment rate at 16.5. That is more than double the rate of 6.3 for the over 25’s.

Would YOU work without pay “until”?

If, after spending thousands of dollars in post secondary education, why is so much experience still needed in order to receive a pay cheque?

So please, tell me again, why not EARN while you learn?????


Just keep going

Are you an entrepreneur? A business person? Well, then, this message shared from one of my mentors, Rosie Bank, is for you. You can also check her out at www.rosiebank.com .

I kept going…….Rosie Banks

When I first started, my sponsor did not really train me. I kept going.
I found someone who really knew how to mentor me. I kept going.
I enrolled people who I thought would be super stars, and they dropped out. I kept going.
I enrolled people whose business really took off. I kept going.
I made so many mistakes, it is hard to imagine. I kept going.
I got stood up a few times. I kept going.
Sometimes, I actually surpassed my goals. I kept going.
Sometimes, I was behind what I said I would accomplish by when. I kept going.
I experienced a few painful lessons about working with people. I kept going.
I experienced unbelievable highs and joyous moments working with people. I kept going.
Some rotten eggs in my organization created some real drama that was difficult to deal with. I kept going.
Some incredibly bright and determined people added magic, points, new associates, lots of customers to the organization. I kept going.
I enrolled some super stars. I kept going.
I enrolled people who dropped out. I kept going.
I worked hard with some people to help them succeed, but they quit. I kept going.
I worked hard with some people who really caught the magic and now are doing great. I kept going.
I made more money than I thought I would. I kept going.
I experienced attrition that was challenging to deal with. I kept going.
I collected jillions of no’s. I kept going.
I enrolled some high-caliber, professional, responsible people. I kept going.
Some days were very difficult. I kept going.
I have gotten stronger, tougher, smarter, and more determined. I kept going.
I am happier and more at peace. I kept going.
Most days, these days, are fun and exciting, and I am glad that all along, I kept going.

Because…….it’s worth it!