Say Yes to The Dress

Graduation season has me reflecting on a story......... It's kinda interesting the things that you NEED to know about in life aren't taught.  Has anyone here learned about business let alone money management from their parents? Then there's the "programming", almost generational poverty (OR wealth, depending on your ancestors experience) that is passed down generation … Continue reading Say Yes to The Dress

A DSA Experience

NO not that!........Direct Selling!  It IS the best industry on the planet!  I do wonder if it is actually the oldest profession. In thinking back to days, years, centuries ago, long before television or radio, how did the farmer, blacksmith, etc build their businesses?  One person would have an experience then share it!  Voila, direct … Continue reading A DSA Experience

Internships, Kinda Like A Crap Shot

With youth unemployment at record rates and well above our countries average, internships do nothing but benefit the "employer" with having this age group, basically,  working for free. Youth under the age of 24 have an unemployment rate at 16.5. That is more than double the rate of 6.3 for the over 25's. Would YOU … Continue reading Internships, Kinda Like A Crap Shot

Just keep going

Are you an entrepreneur? A business person? Well, then, this message shared from one of my mentors, Rosie Bank, is for you. You can also check her out at . I kept going.......Rosie Banks When I first started, my sponsor did not really train me. I kept going. I found someone who really knew … Continue reading Just keep going