A DSA Experience

NO not that!……..Direct Selling!  It IS the best industry on the planet!  I do wonder if it is actually the oldest profession.

In thinking back to days, years, centuries ago, long before television or radio, how did the farmer, blacksmith, etc build their businesses?  One person would have an experience then share it!  Voila, direct selling by word of mouth!!!!  If you gave crappy service or product you can bet that info spread just as quickly and everyone in town and the next village knew about it.  DSA

Over the last couple of weeks we in the Direct Selling Industry have been asked the question “How has this business changed your life and the lives of people you know?” (For anyone that has been touched by the industry you are invited to sign the Direct Selling Proclamation and Compacthttp://www.directselling411.com/the-direct-selling-proclamation-and-compact/)

We have experienced numerous benefits of this industry (time/finances/connection/life changing mentors). I now have the experience of being on the other side of the industry.

I am the sort of consumer that is loyal. I seldom shop around for the better deal, (grass is greener thing) a way to save a few dollars. I find something, it works, fits my needs, I get good service; you’ve got me as a customer.

After being a client of a “certain” provider for internet and home phone service for 7 years, over the last 4 months we have experienced the absolute worse in product (unstable and un-functioning internet AND phone for days) and less than mediocre service (we have spoke to every Tom/Dick/Harry/Sally/Sue…….)from across the country to across the province, with not resolution.

All of this has left me with ENOUGH!  We have now turned to an industry that I knew very little of a few short years ago, to an industry that now supplies our technology needs.

Your reasons are your own, for us:

*we know the voice on the end of the phone
*it pleases me that I am now personally supporting someone I know personally, them and their family
*we are getting a tailored to our needs product
*the price is being invested in a quality product rather than expensive air advertising time
*we are encouraging entrepreneurship







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