Move Over Cinnamon Challenge

And you thought the cinnamon challenge was bad!!! I know I did. The online drinking "game" that has swept on a global level in just a few weeks, is dangerous and fatal. "Players" are nominate to drink excessive amounts then video and upload their antics, all within a 24 hour period. As the concoctions are … Continue reading Move Over Cinnamon Challenge

Tears On My Pillow

March 13.  5 years ago it was a Friday 13th.  I was just days away from facilitating a community Health and Wellness Expo.  Unlike today, it was a beautiful spring like morning.  I had just visited the venue of the Expo and as my Dad’s doctor jogged by, we exchanged hellos and comments on the … Continue reading Tears On My Pillow

The Silent Killer Isn’t So Silent As The World Watches

Oh boy, I have something to say.  I do understand that the timing of this may have me come across as insensitive.  Timing is critical when it means making a decision today.  I’ve started this posting, then stopped and walked away. Today, we have a funeral at our church.  57 year old male, just finished … Continue reading The Silent Killer Isn’t So Silent As The World Watches

Goodbye Yoghurt……Hello Kefir

Kefir......It's believed that the name comes from the Turkish word "keif" which means good feeling. And it's my new food for the week. I scooped a jar as it was marked reduced at The Mustard Seed . It has a cleaner, lighter flavor and texture than Greek yogurt Although I've just had a dish plain … Continue reading Goodbye Yoghurt……Hello Kefir

This Year I Am Not Going Into The Desert. Lent

This year I am not going into the desert........As Sunday turned to Monday, the week began, the week of the beginning of Lent.  Hold everything, I thought, I’m just coming out of the desert!  What!  Back in???   Oh I don’t think so.  And then it crept in……guilt.  Guilt to the fact that things were turning … Continue reading This Year I Am Not Going Into The Desert. Lent