Not Just for Easter HEALTHY Chocolate

Dr Libby Weaver is a Holistic Nutrition Specialist. If you've read some of my other posts on liver health you'll know how much I love her energy, her stance on women's health and the simplistic manner in which she makes these all sometimes too overwhelming topics easy, understandable and manageable. Hop on over to facebook … Continue reading Not Just for Easter HEALTHY Chocolate

“Crucify Him” Geesh Who Says That Anymore

Throughout December my statement/mantra was "life loves me".  Everyday I'd get up, big stretch and regardless of how I was feeling or how well I did or did not sleep; I'd say "life loves me".  A smile would come to my face, a warmness, peacefulness, calmness would fill my body.  Off for a day, good … Continue reading “Crucify Him” Geesh Who Says That Anymore

Conversations With My Thumb

Typically, your hands are the weakest link in a chain when working back. If your grip gives out first, you won’t be able to maximally stimulate your back, no matter how strong all the other links are. Add some severe narrowing and severe arthritis of the first CMC joint (joint of the hand) you have … Continue reading Conversations With My Thumb

A DSA Experience

NO not that!........Direct Selling!  It IS the best industry on the planet!  I do wonder if it is actually the oldest profession. In thinking back to days, years, centuries ago, long before television or radio, how did the farmer, blacksmith, etc build their businesses?  One person would have an experience then share it!  Voila, direct … Continue reading A DSA Experience