“Crucify Him” Geesh Who Says That Anymore

good fridayThroughout December my statement/mantra was “life loves me”.  Everyday I’d get up, big stretch and regardless of how I was feeling or how well I did or did not sleep; I’d say “life loves me”.  A smile would come to my face, a warmness, peacefulness, calmness would fill my body.  Off for a day, good to go.

Theeeeeeen, comes the test.  Trials, tribulations, speed bumps, you know, just life.  It’s as if life speaks to me and says “ok, this is great.  So fabulous that you know how much I love you.  BUT, let’s just see how much you love me”.

Last Sunday, Palm Sunday, began a week long reflective observant state for me. The reading of The Passion.

There are three readers: N Narrator, J Jesus Christ, S Crowd.

Although being a Lector at our church, this Sunday I sat in the congregation and participated as “the crowd” in the reading of The Passion.

Although, as well, we all know the story, this year’s reading struck me in the most profound manner.

Speaking two words, aloud with the congregation went right to the physical spot that I personally get hit with my emtions…..my gut. My solar plexus.

“CRUCIFY HIM”  crucify

Geesh I thought, who says that!? It’s so mean! But wait a minute. What IF some of our everyday actions and words reflected exactly this. How sad.

Regardless of where you are “on this journey”, what your spiritual/religious beliefs are (or are not), we are all human. Not even the most common everyday words, “go to H.E. double-toothpicks” or even “F- you” can hold a match to CRUCIFY HIM.

nail threeI wondered since last Sunday, Palm Sunday, how many nails in the palm of others I have placed. How sad. Just the thought of my modern words or everyday actions being translated into those ever so powerful words offered a great amount of opportunity to reflect.

I decided since last Sunday, Palm Sunday, I would practice observance. Just as back in December (“life loves me”) the test appeared; several times actually. We all have “those people” in our lives, those people that through their own actions or words they have no idea, but speak CRUCIFY HIM. And that’s ok my friends. Regardless of how others treat me/us through their actions or words, we can only be responsible for ourselves.nail two

I do love the story of The Passion. I find that if I place certain people in my life as the characters in the story I can center myself and strive to be just a little more like the greatest mentor………Jesus Christ.

Enjoy the quiet reflective nature of today my friends  xo

good friday reflection

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