Dental Health and Heart Disease

Don't like going to the dentist???? Neither did my Dad. The very smell of the office caused him nausea and to vomit. This lead him to years, decades of not receiving regular dental care. When I stepped into the role of care giver, that changed. Unfortunately, it was too little too late. As we approach … Continue reading Dental Health and Heart Disease

Athletes, Supplements and How To Pass A Drug Test

In light of the recent Sochi Olympics happening, something that happens rarely in the winter games, something that is common in the supplement industry......cross contamination.  Athletes fail drug test on account of this!  Athletes loose medals on account of this!  Athletes loose creditability for themselves, their country and their sport on account of this. If … Continue reading Athletes, Supplements and How To Pass A Drug Test

The Only Thing That’s Been Consistent………..

The ONLY thing that has been consistent this winter is the weather.  Another morning outdoor workout missed due to weather.  In my area of southern Ontario we are experiencing what has been officially been named the coldest winter in 50 years!  We, personally, have been making the very best of it and are enjoying the … Continue reading The Only Thing That’s Been Consistent………..

For Gods Sake, Pick Up Your Baby

It's just my opinion BUT having been a mother three times, having experienced how very fast babies grow, having the feeling of the baby sounds n smells as they snuggle in your arms, having a wonderful relationship with my babies, which I partially attribute to physical's been my "inside voice" for years with these … Continue reading For Gods Sake, Pick Up Your Baby

The Year Is 1500 and Some Still Thought The World Was Flat

Allllll righty let’s take a break from my usual posts. Even if you're young and hip, this is still interesting. For us older people, we need to learn something new everyday to keep the grey matter tuned up. The Year is 1500 and some still thought the world was flat.    Where did "Piss Poor" … Continue reading The Year Is 1500 and Some Still Thought The World Was Flat

Subway to remove chemical from bread

Thank you Subway. Not that I touch any of your “sandwiches” but heck for those thousands, millions of people that do. At least if you can’t increase the nutritional value, keep the crap out!

And, oh by the way, McD’s uses it in their McRib bun.


The Not Big Anymore, Formerly Fat Guy

The world’s biggest sandwich chain says it’s in the process of removing the chemical known as Azodiacarbonamide from its sandwich breads — a chemical that Vani Hari, who runs the site, says is commonly used to increase elasticity in everything from yoga mats to shoe rubber to synthetic leather.

via Subway to remove chemical from bread.

Eat Fresh?  Not so much.


Of course: Gaffigan’s Issues With Subway


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Donkeys Do Not Wear Boots

Like it or not, the power of social media is HUGE!  From finding a job, lost puppy or even the perfect recipe.  This time, there is a call in search of justice.......... "The Bohlke's family deserve better! Mayor Bohlke was a hero, and the authorities in Atascosa County are not helping to solve this case. … Continue reading Donkeys Do Not Wear Boots

Family Mindfulness

With the approaching birthday celebration of my youngest daughter, as with every year for each one of my off spring, I pause to reflect about gifts and lessons I have received from them. Oh daughter number three taught me most importantly "a community raises a child".  With a lightheartedness, kindness and generous amounts of love … Continue reading Family Mindfulness

A peek inside The Mustard Seed

A Peek Inside The Mustard Seed…….A Food Co-Op


Opening day at The Mustard Seed was rather incredible –  a dream for so many of us was becoming reality. On opening weekend we had around 2,000 shoppers – both members and those curious about the Co-op – come check us out. Since then there has been a steady flow of shoppers, and we already have regulars! Our member count has jumped from 1,220 when we opened our doors last Friday, January 24 to over 1,330 today. We will always be taking new memberships at the store – read more about the benefits of membership here.

If you are already a member and have not picked up your member card yet – please come by the store and talk to either one of our volunteer Co-op Ambassadors (grey apron) or staff (yellow apron) to get your card & passport.

Thanks to local photographer Jeff Tessier for capturing more of…

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