Vitamin E + Deficiency = fractures

If your reading this and your one of the over 64% of the population that takes supplements, QUICK go grab your multi. Have a look at the back for Vitamin E:  "There are several forms of vitamin E. d-alpha-tocopherol is the most bioactive form and is the natural form found in foods. The much less expensive, … Continue reading Vitamin E + Deficiency = fractures

Did I Miss The Memo…….close your mouth!!!

Did I miss the memo?  Since when did big mouth, peering down your throat smiles replace warmth from inside smiles. A smile is suppose to warm up a room when you walk in.  It should transmit reassurance to a child.  Denis Waitely says that "a smile is the light that tells others that there is … Continue reading Did I Miss The Memo…….close your mouth!!!