Vitamin E + Deficiency = fractures


If your reading this and your one of the over 64% of the population that takes supplements, QUICK go grab your multi.

Have a look at the back for Vitamin E:  “There are several forms of vitamin E. d-alpha-tocopherol is the most bioactive form and is the natural form found in foods. The much less expensive, and  less effective form is dl-alpha-tocopherol, this is the form you’ll find in most supplements fortified foods. Look at your vitamin E supplement or multi to make sure it contains the far more effective d-alpha-tocopherol form. (Difference is one starts with d- vs dl-). Both are chemically vitamin E, but the only difference is how the pieces are put together. Imagine a stack of lego blocks and in the d-form the top block points at 12′oclock. the dl- form the top block points to 3 o’clock.  A minor difference, but makes a large difference in how your body uses it. The natural, d- form, is over twice as effective as the synthetic dl- form”

Read WHY this is so important…………….

Phew, I was relieved to find out that my choice has the good stuff.  Does yours?  Do you even need Vitamin E?????

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