The Only Thing That’s Been Consistent………..

The ONLY thing that has been consistent this winter is the weather.  Another morning outdoor workout missed due to weather.  winter

In my area of southern Ontario we are experiencing what has been officially been named the coldest winter in 50 years!  We, personally, have been making the very best of it and are enjoying the back yard ice rink.

There have been more days than I can count,  that my three times a week stair workout has had to be cancelled or at least substituted for a vigorous couple of hours snow shoveling.  The frigid cold temps break and hands off the baton to  generous amounts of snow.

Just as I started to slip into a little self badgering about being consistent/inconsistent, goals and being close to or far from them, momentum or lack there of, etc I receive an encouraging blog………

“And, no matter how many times we stop, it feels good to start again.”  Spring……..I await you.

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