The Silent Killer Isn’t So Silent As The World Watches

Oh boy, I have something to say.  I do understand that the timing of this may have me come across as insensitive.  Timing is critical when it means making a decision today.  I’ve started this posting, then stopped and walked away.

Today, we have a funeral at our church.  57 year old male, just finished his workout, cardiac event left him with no second chance.  I know of another, 55 year old male quad bypass less than a year ago.  free-radicals

How many times do we need to hear: “It is with unbelievable shock and broken hearts that we announce the sudden passing of an exceptionally loving, caring and extraordinary man/woman?”   We all know of or have been touched by this modern day happening.  After the shock, a week or so later, the numbness is gone. Life goes on.  Until……..

A recent televised “cardiac event” has brought the awareness to the forefront.  Pretty scary to watch.

Some people get second chances…….some don’t.

In finishing my cardio workout this morning with a friend I was mentioning about the funeral AND the televised cardiac event.  Now, I am no doctor.  I have however asked questions and sought an understanding of health issues.  I’ve listened to doctors and other qualified health professionals enlighten me about various areas of health and our bodies and how inter connected they are to each other.  Geesh, the battery to your car isn’t a separate identity from your alternator. Your batteries health affects everything with a vehicle.  anti ox and free rad

I invite YOU to get educated as well.  Search some terms:

*Dental health and heart disease.
*Statin drugs and heart disease.
*Stress and heart disease (we make more decisions NOW in a day than our grandparents made in a month)
*Diet and heart disease (we’re talking oxidized cholesterol).
*Exercise (excessive) and heart disease.
*Free radicals/oxidation and heart disease.

I explained to my friend:  Exercise, is good for us. As good as it is, along with many other things in our modern day lives, it produces free radicals.  The more you exercise (or the more stress you have, etc….) the more free radicals.  Free radicals ……..damage cells.  And this is all ok, it’s just the way our bodies are made.  Break down, build up!  Repeat.  The problem is supplying ALL the proper “build up” nutrition.  Our bodies are so incredible and forgiving.  We can go years and years and years of this process, until one day!!!!  electrons

SO:  do your homework, ask questions, get second opinions, get third opinions, say NO to degenerative diseases, STAY active, eat well, eat better than well, take supplements, have fun……………………………….

                               Live long and love life.

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