5 Tibetan Rites ~ For Those That Don’t Like Exercise

I discovered this week, for times when you can't just sit for meditation or mindfulness, there's....the 5 Tibetan Rites. Their a system of exercise, well, let's call it movement, that is estimated to being 2,500 years old. Some say it's the fountain of youth. Personally, I took a liking to the rites because of the … Continue reading 5 Tibetan Rites ~ For Those That Don’t Like Exercise

Next Detox……….The News

We are all made of energy not matter.  I love the very thought that the cells of my body are alive.  A recent "happening" raised my awareness as to my sensitivity, connection to energy. I have started a Monday evening yoga ritual.  A beautiful class where we start with opening our chakras and we end, … Continue reading Next Detox……….The News

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux; that annoying and sometimes downright painful occurrence that happens after a meal.  In severe cases it can manifest as well even after a glass of water. I remember all too well going through this for two years.  Worse thing was that I actually accepted that this was my new “norm”; eat, pain, then … Continue reading Acid Reflux