Next Detox……….The News

We are all made of energy not matter.  I love the very thought that the cells of my body are alive.  A recent “happening” raised my awareness as to my sensitivity, connection to energy.

I have started a Monday evening yoga ritual.  A beautiful class where we start with opening our chakras and we end, an hour later with closing them.  chakraOne Monday evening unbeknownst to myself, the teacher and the rest of the class, we forgot to close them!

As the week progressed I started to feel “off”, “weird”.  Checking the calendar; nope, no full moon, nope, no mercury retrograde.  My youngest daughter will attest to the “off-ness” on day 6 with an out of character, explosive rant I expressed to her.  Poor thing, she had just barely awoken and here I am, up one side and down another!!!   In running into my yoga teacher that morning I expressed what I had been experiencing.  She had the same!  It was then that she shared with me the news of the Monday evening.  In knowing the ritual, within a couple of hours I had ’em closed.  It took a couple of days for things to water down and settle down.

Progressing along to yesterday where I caught my weekly dose of Davidj on Hay House Radio.  Ahhhhh Davidji, the tone of his voice that soothes you, his words of wisdom that cause one to reflect and think.

Think.  Thinking…it’s a verb.  An action.  “To have a conscious mind” “To reason about or reflect on”  “To ponder”

We all think all day.  Most of it’s about where we have to go, what we have to do.  Our thinking starts first thing in the morning, as soon as our feet hit the floor.

Which now leads me to my recent awareness as a result of pondering……..thinkBreakfast, what you feed your body to start the day, no disputing, IS the most important meal of the day, right?  Right!

What about our minds?  What you feed your mind to start the day is equally as nutritious or  toxic.  Years ago I gave up on reading the newspaper.  It really disrupted my mood, threw me off.  Yes, there are lots of good news stories, but they’re usually tucked away in a little corner of some inside page.  Meanwhile the trauma stories are right there staring and shouting at you in bold type.

I’m sure you’ve noticed when you’re on holidays how you feel.  In addition to the many reasons why this time is so wonderful, allow me to ask you to think, ponder……. how much news do you listen to when you’re vacationing?  If you’re like me, none!

Several things have changed with my morning rise n shine routine/ritual.  In operating on autopilot the radio would go on.  I figured that without reading the newspaper I need to at least listen to the news.  Well, it’s only the local news I’d justify to myself.  And there the news would be…….every half hour for the first couple hours of my waking.  It started to become like blah blah blah in my mind.  advertisingThat should be the first sign that you need a news detox……blah blah blah.  The next sign is that even getting into your vehicle you find yourself turning on the blah blah blah news station.  Eeeeeeenough!  As I reached for the white noise of the news this morning I had what I like to call an out of body experience (a period where I am actually observing myself and what I am doing).  I stopped myself and just decided.  This is my life, my mind……I will decide what I “feed it”

Truth be told…….THE NEWS IS BAD FOR YOU!  “News is bad for your health. It leads to fear and aggression, and hinders your creativity and ability to think deeply. The solution? Stop consuming it altogether”

stoplistening to the newsStarting today December 9, 2015  and for the rest of the month I am on a news detox!!!!!!

I don’t need to know
I don’t want to know
…….I want to think

*be still
*be quiet
*observe the stars
*observe the sunrise
*get in YOUR zone
*listen to soothing music

Now have great freakin day!



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