Money Love Challenge – Round 2 Day 2

Day 2 round 2……Money Love Challenge.  Sure why not I thought,  2015’s journey was a huge success with me and my relationship with money.  

Day 2 is about recall.  We are to write down our money memories

“Write down your first memory having to do with money. Who were you with, what were you doing, what happened, and how did you feel about it?”

I had a money memory but I thought I would cheat and look in my journal and see what I wrote last year.  The entry on that day was of no help “I wrote down all my money memories” was all it said.  Geesh.  That’s no help!  Now, I was checking on account I’m in a different space with my relationship to money and I was curious, for a comparison. 


Ok, let’s get going on this then.  My first money memory recall was a good one.  A warm fuzzy helpful one.  I grew up in an American border city in Canada.  We had a lot of influence from the states, particularly in the way of tv.  Having only rabbit ears, back then, our stations were limited.  Soooo it was a strong Buffalo NY influence.  (Including their news.  If you wanted to be scared out of your wits, just watch the 11:00 pm Buffalo news.  “It’s 11:00 do you know where your children are?”)  Back in the 70’s Jerry Lewis would not only host a weekend long telethon to support Muscular Dystrophy, but kids could order these kits and hold community fairs. MD 1970 All the ideas you needed, including banners, were in the kit to hold a successful fair.  Between recruiting volunteers (other kids), promoting, making games…….it was fun and for a worthy cause.  Ya, one of my first money memories was of fundraising, community, contributing.  Warm, support, fun!

Then there was another memory………my birthday.  We had a beautiful black convertible.  I remember it was slick, shiny and really fun to ride around in.  One particular night in October, it contained in it’s trunk, my birthday present.  Apparently, it was a beautiful, big, brand spanking new Barbie case. pink barbie case The kind of case that was pink, you could stand your Barbies up in it, I think 3 of them!  That night in October our car was stolen from the grocery store parking lot.  MY CASE WAS GONE!  Ya, sure we did get the car back at some point, but my case was gone.  That year I had to settle for a small blue and green plaid, lunch box sort of bag for my Barbies on account there was enough money to buy another one.

Most of my money memories from this point on were about the same…the time I got caught shop lifting a wingsPaul McCartney and Wings 45.  Ohhhhhh  the shame in that!!!!  The sitting in the store manager’s office.  The drive home in the police cruiser.  The neighbours peering out their windows.  The crouching down in the seat so no one could see you.  The dodging my dad’s hand as you walked in the door.  Dang, he still got the back of my head!  “Why.  Why” he asked.  “Whenever you need something just ask”.  I knew why and I think I may have blurted (blurted in the same way that little guy on A Christmas Story blurted while changing the tire scene) something along the lines of asking and always being told “what do you think, I’m made of money” or “you don’t need that”.  

The hardest thing about recalling money memories is that I know my Dad worked damn hard for money.  “Roof over our heads and food on the table” – he was right (yet I knew there was more to life)……………and love him to death for doing it!  Even the no’s and the smack on the back of the head!  xxo roof


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