…….he was just 49

……I still repeated this morning.

A bit of a surreal moment yesterday while waiting in line at a local coffee shop to use their facilities.

Fortunately there was was a community board to read while I waited.

Right below the big board there was a little frame with the words in remembrance of someone.

Omg, I knew him!  (Insert dramatic time warp sci fi sort of music)

Such a friendly guy. All you had to do was to be strolling down the street and you would be graced with friendly hellos from him. His eyes smiled bigger that his mouth. We chatted for long periods and often.

He had some health issues. His weight concerned him. His weight……had always been a battle for him. His diabetes concerned him.

I don’t want to get into the reasons of the need to get “weight” into an optimal range.

I don’t want to get into the effects of extra weight on the systems of the body.

We don’t just wake up one day with heart disease, diabetes, arthritis or any one of the numerous degenerative diseases that are triggered by extra weight. It’s a progression.

 As I stared at the plaque in his remembrance I thought for a moment that maybe, perhaps this isn’t the same guy. He did have a common sort of name. The Internet, however confirmed. I was able to recall data from 2011. And there was his gentle smiling face and kind eyes

……….my friend was 49 years old.

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