Beef Bone Broth-How to’s and Why Not’s

Eating meat is a topic that always stirs discussion. People have a lot of different opinions on the value – and values – of consuming meat. As North Americans, we have become fixated on the prime cuts of meat – the steaks, breasts, tenderloins – rather than respecting and valuing the whole animal right down to the bones.

One of my personal and family’s “resolutions” for 2015 was to choose to consume only meats that were raised and handled ethically. In holding a position where I oversaw the sourcing and purchasing of meat at a local store, I helped interpret our consumers values in this important area, as we try to act responsibly in handling the lives that feed us. It is an ongoing journey to know where our meat comes from, spurring respect for the animals and positive change in the systems that feed us..
Beef stock, beef bone broth, although it has been around for centuries, I stumbled upon this last year in my coffee free for 30 days. I was looking for an alternative for the mid-afternoon “fix”. In following the “do no harm” principal I was curious if there was something that would provide me with not only the warmth I was seeking in my afternoon cup of Joe, but also the lift-me-up-and-carry-me-through-the-day sort of beverage, something nourishing.

Blaise in Fitness turned me onto beef bone broth. Hmmm, I’ve made chicken stock before, baking bblet’s give it a try. Following this tutorial ( I had me my first batch of broth. Now what?! To be honest with you I found it thick and gelatinous and hardly suitable as a replacement for mid-afternoon coffee. I divided it up and froze it, using as a base for cooking rice.

One year later, there is more and more in the news (not mention my fb news feed) about beef bone broth and the value it plays in our broth

There have been studies on bone broth that have found that it can improve your health in numerous ways:
1. Boost Immunity
2. Alleviate The Common Cold And Bronchitis
3. Fight Inflammation
4. Strengthen Bones And Teeth
5. Promote Weight Loss
8. Build Muscle
9. Improve Mood

Just in case that isn’t enough to consider beef bone broth, here is a couple more:

The gelatin in beef bones contains has an additional 9 bonus side-effects.

  1. Stronger, healthier nails
  2. Anti-aging
  3. Anti-tumor
  4. Arthritis and joint-pain relief
  5. Cell-protecting
  6. Can alleviate diabetes and lower blood sugar; supports insulin regulation
  7. Can improve sleep
  8. Helps regulate bleeding from nosebleeds, heavy menstruation, ulcers, hemorrhoids, and bladder hemorrhage
  9. Helps normalize stomach acid, which is useful for colitis, celiac disease, ulcers, another inflammatory gut conditions

Naturopath Cinzia Genuardi shared with me:

“Bone Broth aka Brodo! Just the thought of brodo brings be back to my childhood.

My mom always made brodo, a bit too often I thought, until I became wise enough to understand the benefits of bone broth. 13 years ago, after having graduated from Naturopathic medicine I realized that my mom and my ancestors had it right!”

Bone marrow was and still is the king of all foods…a SUPERFOOD!

Of course, the source of the bones is crucial… local and grass fed are two good questions to ask your butcher.    woodward bones

In turn we benefit from the marrow that is bursting with protein, immune builders, gut healing elements, skin glowing/healing properties, minerals and sooo much more!!!!

Enjoy the bone broth as is or as a base for your soup. Enjoy all year round!”

Let’s not forget our four legged friends. My black lab now knows when I go to the freezer and start to unwrap a bone…… its treat time.








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