S.H.I.T Synchronicity at it’s best


Yes, I could just yell it.  Synchronicity!

What appears to be a series of unrelated events, which are actually connected too or similar in some way.  They are not only connected but they also have a powerful meaning to each other.  “Something” happens “out there” that pulls all the right words or events or actions or even people together.  Whether you believe it’s the power of God, it just happens…….and it blows your mind!

Or maybe you even call it serendipity; happy accidents or pleasant surprises.

Both, synchronicity and serendipity, such fun to say and even more fun to experience.

I think by calling it any one of these takes away the magical happening that it possesses:

“lucky break”

I like to call it…………….. S.H.I.T. 

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