Breast Health – The “dangers” of a mammogram?

Mention the word mammogram and I can hear all the ugh’s and groans at the very thought.

I have had only two of them and although there is little to no incidence of breast issues with the women in my family and although I really personally do question the whole procedure, you do what you gotta do.

Regardless of all that, I am finally able to take a deep breath, yawn and sneeze with no pain.   Dang that hurt.

Right under my left breast at my rib cage there was pain enough that my quality of life has been affected.  At first I thought it was from excessive laughter or perhaps an exceptionally hard ab workout.  In applying ice for two days it didn’t decrease and now I was concerned about a fracture.  In speaking to my doctor’s office and learning about the procedure at either emerge or a clinic I decided to wait it out until the office reopened and continued to apply ice.  And, yes I am pleased to say that there is much improvement.   A good deep breath is a good thing as well the release of a cleansing sneeze!

I have some thoughts; un researched thoughts about this whole procedure of mammograms.  Any of you ladies that have had this procedure done know what I’m talking about when I mention the amount of pressure that is applied to the breast.    Now when I was a kid there was this crazy thing that we were warned not to do; pinch a breast.  Even though it was seen as a playful teasing sort of thing I would always say “hey, don’t do that, it causes cancer”.  The other take on this same concept is around the research surrounding the concerns in wearing tight fitting undergarments.  This is more about health than having the “girls” looking their best.  You can read one article here from Dr.Mercola on this very topic.

I know of many people (men and women) that are very grateful and continue to live their lives in a health due to the mammogram.  As I sat in my very first screening 3 years ago I also had other thoughts.  WHAT IF we all have cancerous cells in our bodies?  WHAT IF it is our choices in lifestyle that stimulates and excels the growth of these?  WHAT IF these things like stress, anger and resentment really do need to be managed better?  WHAT IF it is exposure to the wrong “thing” at the wrong time and in the wrong amounts?   WHAT IF all that is needed is the gentle touch of a healing hand to diagnose and “find” a lump?  WHAT IF this pressure that is applied is “popping” a little safety sack that all these diseased cells are quarantined in?   WHAT IF this machine as with everything in the Universe in seeking balance has a dark side to it?

All these questions I will continue to ponder n wonder.  But for now I am glad that I chose to pass on the x-ray to determine a cracked rib and stuck to the healing benefits of ice.


UPDATE August 6/12    Just this morning I came across a message from Dr.Mercola addressing this very subject, why getting a mammogram can be risky business. 

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