Source of inspiration – My Fridge

Sometimes when I'm looking for a source of inspiration it's there right in front of me- my fridge door. WINNERS and LOSERS. A winner is always part of the answer; A loser is always part of the problem. A winner always has a program; A loser always has an excuse. A winner says, "let me … Continue reading Source of inspiration – My Fridge

L.O.A – a true story

When it comes to the LOA (Law of Attraction) I actually have more than one "true story" to share.  Sometimes they come at me so fast and furious, I express gratitude in the moment then allow them to flow through with a knowing that although I cannot recall every single one, my life is just … Continue reading L.O.A – a true story

“Today’s Gift” – Anger

"The glass blower is an artist that takes broken  glass and melts them in a very hot furnace.  Then the glass blower blows through a long tube and creates objects such as cups and plates and pieces of art. The sharp edges of our anger are like pieces of broken glass.  We all have things … Continue reading “Today’s Gift” – Anger