L.O.A – a true story

When it comes to the LOA (Law of Attraction) I actually have more than one “true story” to share.  Sometimes they come at me so fast and furious, I express gratitude in the moment then allow them to flow through with a knowing that although I cannot recall every single one, my life is just a bit better because of it.

In seeing a fb post from the master of the LOA, Michael Losier, regarding a podcast to address the LOA and unemployment, did I remember about the most recent manifestation.

In training our team they have gone through the process of creating vision boards, creating a list of their “50 Desires, Wants and Deserves” planted seeds of intention, set 12 month and 90 day S.M.A.R.T goals.  Onto the next step………LOA and creating Clarity/Contrast sheets.

With a small group, during a Saturday Training, they went through and completed Clarity through Contrast Sheets.

For some people “this stuff” is a challenge.  The leaders observed these challenges within others on the first occasion several months ago with the vision boards, then with the 50 Things list.  For some they have been told to “be thankful for what you have”.  For some they may have prayed, to only have them unanswered.  Or perhaps these prayers/thoughts/dreams were answered but they were not at a point in seeing the answer.  Regardless, if your wondering why your days are unfulfilled, start with your imagination.

With one participant of the Clarity Through Contrast sheets we had a challenge.  Oh, her list of contrast was huge but in coaching her to the clarity, it was a challenge.  After spending a bit of time and wanting to progress onto the remainder of the training we agreed to let this settle and revisit in a day or two.

I spent 4 days himming and hawing and wondering, “What’s missing here”?”

We met on the 4th day and together, myself, the participant, another mentor got to ‘er.  Everything was flowing quite clear now.  “The ideal summer” was beginning to be created.  “Being outdoors, time freedom, meaningful contribution, making money were of among the contrast that we became clear on.

In the process she said “wow, I didn’t this sh*& mattered”.  With a laugh I did tell her that “if you thought it and it’s important to you, then, YES it matters”.

How fast does manifesting occur when you become clear……how about INSTANT!!!!!

At that very moment I remembered a request that was made of me 2 weeks earlier.  A senior in our community needed some help with his garden.  His health is failing and having a trimmed well groomed yard is important to him. Do I know of anyone?  Can I keep my ears open for anyone?   I completely and totally forgot about this!!  This girl I see numerous times in a week and I never for one second thought of the connection and yet right there and then it all came together.  How powerful is that!

So in asking the senior (in my mind); “does this this sh*& matter?”  In asking the participant; “does this sh*& matter”?  Call it what you want; coincidence, luck (when preparation meets opportunity), manifestation, prayers being answered……this sh*& does matter.

And………it’s all up to you.

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