Macro and Micro Nutrients

My intention was to start this post as a little snippet on micro and macro nutrients.  Within a minute thoughts of “systems“, “concurrent”, “GIGO (garbage in garbage out) and now you are reading this post.

The comparison I’d like you to think about is your vehicle, your mode transportation.  How many systems are there in an automobile?  Your talking ignition, suspension, cooling, exhaust, electrical,  brake, fuel to name just some.  Any one of these is out of whack and your paying attention.  You promptly take it to your mechanic have it diagnosed and corrected.  I have witnessed times with others when some repairs are too costly.  The vehicle is parked or even replaced.

As well, in the body there are numerous systems; circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, and urinary.  I like to throw in a spiritual system as well.   As you are all well aware, these as well get out of whack.  Fortunately our bodies are much more forgiving in comparison to our vehicles and although I witness daily the parking of failing vehicles (body) replacement is not an option.

The signs are subtle yet they are signs of an impending greater mis-function.

Just as you wouldn’t put water in your gas tank, your much more careful now than you were last year even, about the fuel in your body.  The fuel I like to think about as your MACRO nutrients; the protein, carbs, fats.   The spark plugs of the body’s systems are the MICRO nutrients.  The micro nutrients like the spark plugs are small, we only need them in small amounts BUT they are necessary for the healthy functioning of all your body’s systems.

You remove the spark plugs from your vehicle you don’t move.  You neglect the micro nutrients, our bodies are much more forgiving.  Rather than just “not functioning”, we become un-well with dis-ease.

I bring this up because I see and hear of folks that have made extensive changes in their lifestyle through MACRO nutrients. This is all  fantastic yet they still fall short in the results; low energy, mental alertness, sound sleep, achy joints.

UNLESS (to name just a few):
*you are consuming 8-10 servings of  local organic vegetables
*avoid sugar
*live in a pollution free enviroment
*drink filtered water
*have no stress
……your body needs MICRO nutrients.

You wouldn’t take your car to a baker, bring your body to the best.

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