Digestive Enzymes – simplistically, tried and tested

“Studies published in the UC Davis Health Journal state that, “Spirulina increased antibody responses and the activity of natural killer cells, which destroy infected and cancerous cells in the body.”

And I thought I was just trying to enjoy broccoli.

“Two min to go, then I’m on with my fabulous day.” This was what I thought 2 minutes after a breakthrough in regards to my health my body, food and USANA’s DIGESTIVE ENZYMES.

How many times have you tried or experienced something then followed the natural course of action…….shared the story or experience? That is exactly how my industry works. The difference is that in sharing I not only greatly improve the lives of others but get paid for it. It’s like going to a great restaurant and having such a positive experience that you share with your friend the establishments name. They go in, try it. How nice would it have been for you to get a commission?

This posting is about my experience, my breakthrough with one product that I recently tried. Digestive Enzymes from USANA Health Sciences.

As well with my industry of health and wellness I am well aware of the claims thing. I am making no claims but simply sharing my story.

I have had negative experiences with three food items; corn, broccoli and breads. I want to share with you about the two veggies.

In regards to “diet” there is a lot of attention paid to what goes in. Although more attention is now being paid to the middle part (digestion), what about the ending? Elimination.

This is where my first experience with Digestive Enzymes happened. I don’t recall any adverse affects of food on me as a kid perhaps it is due to the fact that some of our foods have and continue to be changing. Hence, GMO! Corn however for most of my adult life went in and came out almost instantly the same. Having not had a taste of local corn all summer I so longed for the taste, crunch and of course flossing feast afterwards. “Lets give these a try” I thought. How shall I say, I never saw the corn again in its whole and complete form. “Hmmm, interesting” I pondered.

13 years ago, after giving birth to my third child and every single time after that, upon consuming broccoli I would almost instantly be keeled over with gut pain, bloat and gas. No need to get a diagnosis I thought, there are tons of veggies to choose from. I will just avoid it. The very first time this appeared was only 6 weeks after she was born. Within minutes I was so unbearably in pain that a trip to emerg was pending. It wasn’t until several other experiences did I narrow this down to the consumption of broccoli.

With much resistance from my kids over the next 10 years I would every now and then just give it a try. Almost instant discomfort and pain and I was on the couch for the next 4 hours or so. Regardless of where we were I would start to get glares and vocal cries, “no mom don’t try it today”.

Last week there was some leftover Pho. Being a rainy day I wanted some comforting soup. As I dumped it into a pot to warm on the stove I noticed there was broccoli in it. I quickly assessed my afternoon. There were no little voices pleading with me not to try and really, I had a couple of spare hours if I ended up on the couch.

I grabbed the enzymes, popped two of them and with the bowl sitting in front of me, although I was setting good intentions, braced myself for the worse.

Setting a timer for 30 min after consuming the soup, I waited. Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Some quickies on digestive enzymes:
Simply put, digestive enzymes aid in the absorption of nutrients and assist in the breaking down of the food particles you eat. If you have experienced digestive discomfort, gas, bloating, low energy and allergy-like reactions to food, the easiest thing to look at is your digestive enzymes.

Amylase is needed to break down carbohydrates, including whole grains, white flours, sugars and starchy vegetables. Amylase is found in pancreatic and intestinal juices, but is also found in your saliva. This means that the digestive process of carbohydrates actually begins in the mouth, making chewing your food really well even more important.

Protease helps you to digest protein. The proper digestion of protein is vital. Undigested protein particles can pass through your intestinal wall and end up in your bloodstream. This process is called “leaky gut syndrome” and can cause allergic reactions ranging from fever to abdominal pain. Proper absorption of protein in needed for energy and the rebuilding of muscle and cell tissue.

Lipase is what allows your body to properly digest fat. Lipase is found in many foods that contain fat. Choosing the right healthy fats allows your body to burn fat more efficiently. Your body needs both the lipase produced in your stomach and pancreatic juices, as well lipase from food sources, in order to optimally use the nutrients from the fat you eat.

Prior to these little experiments, we tried the Digestive Enzymes while camping and enjoying a “farmer style breakfast”.

Digestive Enzymes explained.

My belief in this product rose. A little tiny green pill loaded with everything that needs to be there; spirulina, alpha-amylase, bromelain, protease, lipase, lactase, papain, cellulase. And from USANA I can be sure that this is at optimal levels.

I thank you USANA, my gut thanks you and my family thanks you.


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