Celebrating Tomatoes

Blueberries, strawberries, peaches, numerous veggies and more on the brink of ripening, it has been a yummy summer. The best is yet to come. One of my favorites……TOMATOES. Tomato season is one of my favorites. Being of Italian decent every family member, as well as ourselves, had a garden. I remember my Dad teaching us … Continue reading Celebrating Tomatoes

Here ye Here ye

  You know when you've had a good week with choices.  In quoting one of my three RESETers this week: "I like this thing.  I'm completely satisfied.  It feels so good to be in control".  Hear ye hear ye. Usually even after a good week I will cut myself some slack and have something other … Continue reading Here ye Here ye

Find Your Element

To be in your element is to find a place where you just intuitively, are natural. Some call it "in the zone". Who you are, what your purpose is and self discovery all become clear. This is the one and only time that I encourage you to be in the "comfort zone". Through 2 pregnancies, … Continue reading Find Your Element

Macro and Micro Nutrients

My intention was to start this post as a little snippet on micro and macro nutrients.  Within a minute thoughts of "systems", "concurrent", "GIGO (garbage in garbage out) and now you are reading this post. The comparison I'd like you to think about is your vehicle, your mode transportation.  How many systems are there in … Continue reading Macro and Micro Nutrients

Building Muscle

Another great article that hits one of my passions (next to gardening) on the head....pumping iron. You Need More Weight by Ron White Although it has been 20+ years since oiling up for competition, lifting weights and competitive bodybuilding is where I learned my most valuable lessons. When you talk intention and intentional actions, your … Continue reading Building Muscle

What does fun look like, usually fear

Usually fun is cleverly disguised as fear. A month full of fun was met with much objection from one of my kids as we proclaimed a venture we excitedly anticipated.....the Mount Everest of water.  A ride through class 5 rapids. The previous year it was  kicking and fighting and prying her hands off the railing … Continue reading What does fun look like, usually fear

What Does Money Buy, a story on procrastination

"I for one, quite contrary to what many people say, believe without a doubt, that money does buy happiness". In enjoying a long weekend and getting to sorting through that pile of papers that has shifted spots numerous times, I came across some of the journal writings of the last couple of years. This particular … Continue reading What Does Money Buy, a story on procrastination

Tofu ’cause it’s cheap

Whether you practice "Meatless Mondays", "Fish Fridays" or thinking about going vegetarian, tofu is a champ! Many folks use cost as an excuse to avoid eating healthier. Tofu, this package costs $1.48. Cooked together with a wild/brown rice mix and veggies will feed my family of three TWICE. Next excuse.........

Gardening (Life and Business) Lessons

I'm sure with this excerpt from “Growing Things” (by Allen R. Rumble) the author "caught" my brain waves: Top Ten Things I Have Learned From Gardening 10. We really do “reap what we sow”. Good seeds bear good fruit. 9. Without rains and storms, there is no growth – no fruit is produced. 8. When … Continue reading Gardening (Life and Business) Lessons