He’s Been Polished By Life

Every once in a while something good comes along.  In this case, "someone" good comes along.  I would like to introduce you to Scott Sonnon; The Flow Coach. If your the sort that goes for facts/information and a list of accolades, you need to be sure to read through his long list.  I on the … Continue reading He’s Been Polished By Life

What Does Money Buy, a story on procrastination

"I for one, quite contrary to what many people say, believe without a doubt, that money does buy happiness". In enjoying a long weekend and getting to sorting through that pile of papers that has shifted spots numerous times, I came across some of the journal writings of the last couple of years. This particular … Continue reading What Does Money Buy, a story on procrastination

Health/Weight “Day of Disgust”

I’m going to get the ball rolling on “Day of Disgust”.  Over my years I can honestly say that my “Days” have been numerous. As soon as I read the words in “The Slight Edge” I got a pang in my solar plexus. (That’s my spot where stress and emotion hits). Growing up with a … Continue reading Health/Weight “Day of Disgust”