What Does Money Buy, a story on procrastination

“I for one, quite contrary to what many people say, believe without a doubt, that money does buy happiness”.

In enjoying a long weekend and getting to sorting through that pile of papers that has shifted spots numerous times, I came across some of the journal writings of the last couple of years.

This particular one, was written almost EXACTLY a year ago; July 5th 2011.  It pleases me that I can see the growth in myself and circumstances to be in a far better place.

It’s always a toss up as to which is more pressing; health or wealth.  Having mastered many areas of my health, the wealth was, shall we say,  a work in progress.  You may see the subtle progress in health buy your energy levels, reduction in aches or pains, or even by the lowering of the digits on the scale.  BUT when you commit to the  journey of financial wellness the changes are much clearer.  So, yes, here we are a year later, a year healthier.

“The other thing money buys is, freedom.  How ironic, after a weekend of celebrating freedom in both the U.S.A and Canada, my freedom has been temporary snatched from me on two levels.

The first, I actually found out about on the Friday afternoon once the mail came in. In attempting to deal with it on several levels, the decision stands – my drivers license was suspended due to an outstanding speeding ticket of $50.  The price for this freedom will now be $77.50, which was paid today.  Then in four days a price of $150 will earn me back my privilege to drive.

As close as I am to my children, they know nothing of this.

Although there is one practice I can honestly say I NEVER participate in (beat myself up with unsupported language), I am extremely embarrassed about my choice in allowing this to happen.

I am sticking with my level of integrity and will for the remainder of the week become a walker.

The other privilege was our internet.  Our supplier is merciless with even one month behind and today this modern, often taken for granted technology, was cut off.  A prompt payment was made and we will have our service back ……in 3 days.  This situation, needless to say, the children know about.

Do you see, both of these situations were result of procrastination and nothing more.

Normally I am a lover of and appreciate having the health and leisure of time to be able to walk in completing my to do list.  Funny how when you “have to” do something our attitude is different.

My walk to the court house was a silent one.  Just myself and my thoughts.  No Ipod, no affirmations just silence.

As I walked into the Court House the normal procedure of being scanned and contents of my bag being searched had me feeling like, well, a criminal.  The Police Officer cut the search short, smiled and motioned me through.  Surely, I thought, he knew the person I really am.  After a quick wait in line and in sitting at the clerks window, I was comforted and reassured by her and the process.  We made a vow to each other to never see each other again.

The steps of my walk home were lighter as I realized the mind set that got me into this predicament as well as the internet interruption – PROCRASTINATION.

Health and wealth, the two areas of the greatest challenge to people and families today has no wellness with procrastination.  For those of you in business, perhaps are aware and know that your business will only grow as far as you personally have gone.  Today I am wiser in my financial health.

One more story on procrastination.  A couple of weeks ago I purchased over 10 pounds of really good ground beef at a good price.  The intention was to make a summers full of “Mom burgers” for not only us, but to share with the numerous summer bbq’s we host for and with friends and family.  I was so proud of my “find” and looking forward to making and sharing.  The beef was well wrapped and tucked in the fridge.  “Tomorrow” I said, “tomorrow I will make them”.  Tomorrow came……..and went.  ONLY 2 days and it spoiled!

As in managing emotions, I have given procrastination “a being”.  By giving “it” and identity I better manage what I am faced with.  This is a practice I did in preparation for child birth.  Procrastination is a sneaky, beady eyed looking sort of character, similar to Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

I attract only beauty to my life.  In recognizing the image of procrastination I realize that I personally “open the door” and literally invite “him” into my life.  This then gives me the control and power to take care of “him”.  Rather than the “you can’t fix what you don’t acknowledged”  thought, for me “you can’t fix what you don’t see”.  See it, give it an identity then take care of it!

IF your still with me here, allow me just one more insight……..In stepping out of the Court House the very first thing I saw was a Z4!  This is my dream car.  We all have a tangible “thing” that we aim for.  That thing that we will know we’re “there” by it’s acquisition and for me it’s this little beauty.

I love road trips, the freedom of the open road and driving fast.  AHA!  The very thing that got me to the steps of the Court House and this temporary state of freedomless.    It is also one of my beliefs that once we manage our lives and only then, are we given the people and circumstances in our lives (and business) that will take us to the next level.

So me and The Universe (God) have a deal.  While I journey towards to the life of my dreams I will when driving the open roads, from now on, respect and obey safety and pay attention to posted speed limits”

There are many insights on procrastination.  Of the many things others share here is my “take”:

*we all have it and do it.  The less you have the better.  “What you do in anything you do in everything” – T.Harv Eker
*it is linked to perfectionism.  You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to get started
*doing takes a lot less energy than thinking about it.  Healthwise procrastination promotes insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, colds, flus, resentment, frustration
*even “rub on rub off” activities have value, you just don’t see it and you don’t need to
*NUMBER ONE way to avoid success in ANYTHING in life

What is procrastination costing you?

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