What does fun look like, usually fear

Usually fun is cleverly disguised as fear.

A month full of fun was met with much objection from one of my kids as we proclaimed a venture we excitedly anticipated…..the Mount Everest of water.  A ride through class 5 rapids.

The previous year it was  kicking and fighting and prying her hands off the railing to get her to join us to view the same area we would now be at ground zero,  240 feet above the Niagara River.

Once she relaxed she enjoyed that to the fullest and I knew she would get more thrill and satisfaction out of this venture.  The patient and understanding side of my motherhood let her be in charge this time.

Much to my pleasure (and hers at the end of it) she changed her mind at the very last minute.  Her ticket purchased, there was no turning back.

Off we went to venture into class 5 and close enough to observe to class 6 rapids for the ride of our lives……..

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