Face The Fear

Great to be back in the sunporch studio with 4 degrees, a temporary break from winter. The minds been running away to places and this space is as calming as it gets to just sit distraction free. Worries and fears are much like pain. Feeding them the attention that they deserve brings them to the … Continue reading Face The Fear

Felix, two commands, one dream

      Two commands, life connecting and safety supporting instructions needed to be repeated to Felix, as  he sat on the very corner of fear and on the edge of accomplishing a goal. First one, "item 29, release the seat belt".  Secondly "Felix, disconnect the oxygen hose".  Both instructions saw him delay and require two commands … Continue reading Felix, two commands, one dream


THE 10 MOST DESIRABLE TRAITS IN HUMAN BEINGS No one is free of flaws and quirks. But there are ten personality/character traits that attract the right people and circumstances into one’s life. One could say that these are the character traits of highly successful people. 1. Integrity The true definition of integrity comes from the … Continue reading Be Do Have – 10 MOST DESIRABLE TRAITS IN HUMAN BEINGS

Courage on a Wire

What does courage look like?  I am taking June 15th to see it firsthand. How much courage do you see in a day?  In seeing a lot of courageous people, courage on this level I can honestly say, it have never witnessed.  Nik Wallenda, Daredevil, will walk over Niagara Falls. It wasn’t until I heard … Continue reading Courage on a Wire