Courage on a Wire

What does courage look like?  I am taking June 15th to see it firsthand. How much courage do you see in a day?  In seeing a lot of courageous people, courage on this level I can honestly say, it have never witnessed.  Nik Wallenda, Daredevil, will walk over Niagara Falls.

It wasn’t until I heard an interview from him just a couple of days ago did I make the decision to witness history in the making.

Growing up in Niagara Falls at first someone can expect to experience the spring season starting with The Blossom Festival Parade.  This was the kick off to 4 months of tourism at its best.

As a kid we would spend days down by the falls with much fun and excitement.  One particular summer I remember the game of the day was to see who could spot the most corvettes.  Counting them one by one the days seem to go so quickly.

As I grew and my love and appreciation of nature grew, I resented this time of the year.   “Flocks of people coming and “contaminating” my beautiful Niagara Falls” was how I perceived it.

During the summer months of waitressing, my resentment grew.  I saw tourists as rude in their actions and lacking common courtesy.  Traffic as well, in attempting to complete everyday errands was frustrating.  This all of course was more due to my perception.

Then September would come; the quiet and beautiful city was resorted.  No, the sidewalks aren’t rolled up and The Falls isn’t turned off, just a small community going about their lives.

In getting the chance to move away I did so with much enthusiasm returning only to visit family.

As the planning started to unfold and be confirmed by authorities and media there was resistance in even wanting to be close to the area on June 15th.

My thoughts started to go back to being a kid in elementary school.  In my basement there is a green heavy bound book; “Niagara Falls Canada A History”.  I remember looking at it in awe as a child with amazement to the wars that were held in the area, the growth and evolution of a community with the many immigrants (like my family) and of course the courageous people that challenged God’s creation in Niagara Falls.

The heart strings, a calling home started to get stirred.  THEN in hearing an interview from Mr.Wallanda my mind was made up.  In going around and speaking to area schools.  His message with the children is to follow their dream, be courageous.  Both of which I feel is a big void in many people’s lives.

You can read about him and his family.  A long line of Daredevils, a spiritual family, a family that pray and takes risks together, a man that is living his dream; a since he was 6 years old.  This is a family that while watching what they do with passion and fulfillment also watched as one member plummeted to their death.

I have high expectations about today’s journey.  I expect/intend Nik to successfully fulfill his dream.  I expect the youth joining our trek and myself to be just a bit different through inspiration.  I expect that from this day on we will “walk our wires” with increased courage.

May the winds be gentle, your  footing be sure and God see you as a highly favored one today.

In ending such a wonderful day, we waited for the arrival of the train to take us home.  The child in me decided to walk along a painted line on the platform.  Wow, how does he do that!  In my awareness of body and strength, I was curious; is it your butt or your core that helps walking on a line, let alone a wire.

My oldest daughter is a NCAA gymnast.  That’s it!  In calling her I asked her, “when your on the beam, what keeps you there?  Your butt or your core?”  “Pardon”, I couldn’t hear her answer.  After a couple more “excuse me’s” I heard her……….GOD!  God keeps her on the beam       *touched*


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