Seeds of Intention – 2 weeks later

Here we are, 2 weeks post planting of the “seeds of intention”.

Although not record setting, it has been warm here in Southern Ontario.  In being particularly grateful for my two full rain barrels I set to the daily task of watering not only my pots of annuals but also the “seeds of intention”

I am honored to be able to view the growth in these every day.  I can see how with the attention  they flourish. What I really wish is that I can see inside the minds of each and every one of you to see how these “seeds” are growing there.

Considering only 20% of the population actually sets goals and 3% achieve them we need to have a look at the value in planting and nourishing “seeds of intention”.  Although you should never look to someone else for your happiness – it is nice to have those that support you.

These seeds in your mind, are they being tended to in a nourishing way OR have the birds already “pecked away some of the seeds”?  Have you ignored them and they have become “parched and dried”?

The external “birds” we can’t always control or ignore.  You can recognize them as people in your circle that speak and act in un-supportive ways.  You may still be blinded by them due to the role they have in your life.  In making the commitment to live a healthier lifestyle, more abundant lifestyle, lets look at some tools to arm you in waining off them pesking birds.  These same tools will as well, “fill your rain barrel”

*who they are
*what role do they play in your life
*are you giving them earned power or is it a deserved and leadership role
*that nature/the world works and operates in balance.  You can expect resistance from some while you pursue goals worth pursuing
*most often it is about them and their programing

*of the many things we don’t have control of in a day, THE ONE thing you do is your breath.  Waaaaay down to your belly breath will serve you well.  Place your hand/finger on the area right between the lower part of your ribs (or even better and perhaps lower on your belly).  Through your nose take a breath.  Imagine dragging that breath, with intention, ever so slowly, down to meet your hand.  Hold it there for just a second.  Release.  Some people like to do a forceful expel of the breath, some like the slower release.  Either is fine if it serves you well.

RESPOND rather than REACT
*there are differences in the two choices and which one you choose will affect not only your day but also the very relationship you are trying to manage.  React is usually out of defense for our character and is negative, respond is much more positive, calm and potentially influencing manner.

If your not familiar with, check out “The Four Agreements”  by Don Miguel Ruiz.  I found them as guidelines for me,personally.  I now use them as a guideline for life and relationships.

So enough talking, the day is unfolding with a gentle breeze and warm sun.  Get to your seeds……………………


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