Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade

Tsk tsk tsk and nah nah nah nah nah.

I have forgotten and the recent news about DANON has prompted me to share some info on “food grade” and “pharmaceutical grade”.

This is an area that I have a high degree of passion about.  You are experiencing a health issue.  In doing some research or chatting with your “go to” person you turn to either a supplement, food or food product for some support. You need help and we like to think that in manufacturing products that “they” (the manufactures) care.  Truth is, they don’t.  The more you consume they more they manufacture and the more money is made.  Sorry to say, the food industry is not a health industry, it’s a money industry.

Fancy labeling FALSE ADVERTISING and most importantly HEALTH CLAIMS has lead to many lawsuits over the years. The most recent is by Danon.

Lets look at food grade.  I had to laugh, shake my head and get down right ticked at this one internet summary of food grade:  “When a product is labeled as food grade it means that the processing and the packaging has been done with clean equipment and can be safely eaten by people.”  Are you kidding me!  JUST last week there was a huge recall on ground beef due to salmonella poisoning possibilities.  Food grade means that what is on the label has to just “fall into a range”.  A loaf of bread for an example.  It will be clearly labelled with how many grams of everything from fiber to carbs to sodium.  It doesn’t matter if it says organic or anything else that is the “flavor of the week”.  Whats your expectation?  To have the same nutrition in each and every single piece as it is “claimed” right?!  The reality is that if you took each and every single piece and tested it the nutrients will fall into a range.  Not every piece will have what it says.

People, you should be thinking that with this level of manufacturing it’s not what is in it you should be focusing on, it’s what shouldn’t be in it.  Food grade does not reassure a clean and sterile environment in the raw ingredients, machinery or handling.

Pharmaceutical grade (GMP Good Manufacturing Practices) is a whole new level and in a perfect world this is how food (nourishment to sustain very life) should be, would be manufactured.  When your ill and require the intervention of medicine in the form of pharmaceuticals you can BE SURE that the milligrams of such and such is in each and every single dose.  It is a standard of purity that companies can choose to, yes I said choose to, participate in, pharmaceutical grade manufacturing.  It’s a standard of purity,cleanliness and quality that is very high and costly to companies.

If a product is not manufactured properly it may not work or could cause side effects.

In looking particularly at the pro biotic trend, there are enormous health benefits by adding this to your daily supplementation.  FINALLY, it’s time to move past yoghurt and look to a Pharmaceutical Grade from a company that does choose to participate in GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Eat well, live well

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