Your Brain On Drugs……

.......your cells on garbage. Lets start with the anti drug campaign of the 80's; this is drugs, this is your brain on drugs You all, I'm sure, get it. The picture your looking at is one wedge of apple placed in a jar of water for 4 days along with a different anti-oxidant in each … Continue reading Your Brain On Drugs……

Fat Lady Turned Gym Rat

Yep that was me, fat and out of shape. I didn't become a Provincial Level Bodybuilding Champion overnight.  It was a journey to wellness that got me off my butt, out of the bars and moving like I did in my childhood.  A journey that had the end in mind......pain free back and body. Being … Continue reading Fat Lady Turned Gym Rat

The good in the bad

Mold is a disgusting fungus that grows on damp surfaces. It ruins clothes. It causes breathing problems. It has an unpleasant odor. All in all, it's a highly unappealing thing. Yet without it, there would be no penicillin, an antibiotic that has saved probably millions of lives. There will be people or situations in your … Continue reading The good in the bad

Vanilla-Strawberry Oat Bars

You do it everyday, I am unsure of who "said it" "TO GET AHEAD PLAN AHEAD". People most often plan for their finances; which bills to pay when, depositing in savings or rainy day or retirement accounts. The same skill is required in planning for your health. You most likely have the long term goal. … Continue reading Vanilla-Strawberry Oat Bars

When have tos become want tos

I dusted off my bike two years ago when a torn meniscus left me with riding as the only thing I could do. Never ever had I been so crippled. Together with the right, very specific exercises from my trainer extraordinaire Blaise in Fitness, acupuncture, ice, foam roller and reducing inflammation naturally with ESSENTIALS, PROCOSA … Continue reading When have tos become want tos

Live Longer

Want to live longer? Who doesn't. Want to live better? Who doesn't. I love the Blue Zones philosophy. Check out how Dan Buettner, founder of Blue Zones does. He is an internationally recognized researcher, explorer, and New York Times bestselling author and National Geographic Fellow. Blue Zones®, is a company that puts the world’s best … Continue reading Live Longer