Fat Lady Turned Gym Rat

Yep that was me, fat and out of shape.

I didn’t become a Provincial Level Bodybuilding Champion overnight.  It was a journey to wellness that got me off my butt, out of the bars and moving like I did in my childhood.  A journey that had the end in mind…...pain free back and body.

Being much to embarrassed to go to a gym, my gym was my living room.  What I did there got me in tune with my body; how it could move, stretch, how my breath and mind could actually get muscles to relax and grow.

That’s what really cool about connecting with us at HIGH VOLTAGE HEALTH,think, the tip of the iceberg. The value in experience your getting from us is immeasurable.

If your taking the baby steps to improving your body and health through exercise, whether your at a gym or at home, do you know what this is?  Have you used it?  Do you hate it?  Do you love it?  Do you know how to use it?


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