Paralysis by Analysis

I just read a great blog about hoarding ( or as I like to call it "Paralysis by  Analysis".  The author explains three easy steps in mastering this self defeating fearful habit. We all have a little bit of this in us but when it holds us back from being productive, moving forward making better … Continue reading Paralysis by Analysis

Fish Oil and the Cup Thing

If you had mentioned fish oils to me a year ago, my thoughts would have gone back to my childhood.  I have fond memories of a steaming bowl of Red River cereal and cod liver oil capsules.  I would place the capsule gently in the middle and with the same gentleness, swirl it around, watching … Continue reading Fish Oil and the Cup Thing

Healthier You …………..Starting Here

By now you may have bought, wrapped, baked, mailed, delivered and your giving just a thought or two to yourself. The New Year is coming and "this is it" you say, "I'm going to get healthy"!!!!! But where to start? From the privacy of your home, at your convenience take the Dr.Oz approved AND the … Continue reading Healthier You …………..Starting Here

Traditional (unhealthy) Shortbread

I'm Italian, biscotti is our thing, recipe I will share once I get a grip on some gift wrapping. For 10 years, this one never fails me. 1/2 cup corn starch 1/2 cup icing sugar 1 cup flour 3/4 cup softened butter Sift together corn starch, icing sugar, flour. Thoroughly blend in butter. Use whatever … Continue reading Traditional (unhealthy) Shortbread

God don’t make no junk

I've grown to realize that each person and "religion" is entitled to their own take or philosophy on God and when good or bad things happen. My wisdom has taught me that sometimes, just sometimes, unexplained bad things just happen to good people. If in society and the species of man it's so wrong to … Continue reading God don’t make no junk

Zinc, colds, skin

Hello I'm zinc. Not sure if we've met. I'm an essential micromineral. Micro means really small. Essential means we should be getting know each other every single day. I support your sense of taste and smell, waive off depression, boost the immune system, digestion, managing diabetes, help heal wounds, as well as supporting your body … Continue reading Zinc, colds, skin

“one hand free” EASY (really) Holiday Survival

  I'm sure you all have heard the messages about the holidays and how to eat better, slow down, make the most of them. After being privileged to be on a call with the great Dr.Oz this week I have a couple simple messages.  Their easy and your going to be relieved: 1.  The first … Continue reading “one hand free” EASY (really) Holiday Survival

Time to reach your health destination

What are you doing for 90 days? Take a look at your 2015 calendar. And don’t just focus on the holidays, birthdays, and roughly sketched vacation plans. Instead, see the expanse of days laid out in so many empty boxes for what they are—opportunities. Make 2013 the year you get the most of all those … Continue reading Time to reach your health destination

Proprietary Blend CONSUMER BEWARE

I've been around this industry for decades, 3 of them!   Not only my personal experience with them but the experience of our clients with them.  Our library is stocked with books on herbs.  What they are and how they benefit our health.  I have grown to incorporating them more into my everyday diet.  The benefits … Continue reading Proprietary Blend CONSUMER BEWARE