Fish Oil and the Cup Thing

If you had mentioned fish oils to me a year ago, my thoughts would have gone back to my childhood.  I have fond memories of a steaming bowl of Red River cereal and cod liver oil capsules.  I would place the capsule gently in the middle and with the same gentleness, swirl it around, watching it dissolve.

fish oils

That was a time when there wasn’t a concern of toxicity or purity.  I do believe that years ago food and even my cod liver oil was manufactured with the intent to support and nourish the body.  Times have changed.  That was a time as well when as kids we just did what we were told.  “Take your cod liver oil” and we did.  We have the same “rule” in our home.  My kids can participate and choose which veggie they want with a meal, BUT taking daily supplements is not a choice.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  How many winters has your home spent with the continual and back and forth of illness?   That was our reality a few short years ago.  Now not making any health claims here, BUT all I know and observe is that our winter illness are minimal if non existent.

I have talked in previous posts about fish oils and simple tests you can do to check on the quality of the current product your taking.  This morning however I got very excited about another “test”.  The fish oil and Styrofoam cup test.  I get excited about this sort of thing because, heck, don’t take my word, try it yourself.  All you need is a couple of various fish oils and Styrofoam cups.

“Fish oils contain Omega-3 fatty acids which help to maintain overall cardiovascular health, normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels, improve mood, manage stress and supply other health benefits, according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. When it comes to nutritional supplements, it is important to take the best quality products for maximum benefits. Not all supplements contain adequate ingredients for maximum potency. Apart from checking the label of the fish oil bottle for the potent ingredients, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosanexaenoic acid (DHA), both known for maintaining normal plasma triglycerides, you can conduct a fish oil assessment. The short test will instantly show you the potency of your fish oil.”……………..


        Highly purified concentrated Omega-3 fish oils are one of the things that dissolve polystyrene.
While your at experiments, here is another one:
*pour 8 oz of water into a clear jar
*take your current multi vitamin that “claims” to have all you need from a-z on the label
*place the tablet in the water
*now take an apple.  Wash it well, cut it into wedges.  Take the peel off a small wedge and place this skinless apple wedge into the jar with the water and tablet.
*just watch.  Give it a good 4 or 5 days.  My apologies, it will start to smell.  While you watch the transformation, imagine the apple wedge as your cells.
Both of these fun and easy to do “tests” will show the level of quality in whats out there for supplements.  Remember the supplement industry is unregulated and ANYONE can make them.
You see the differences, now come experience them.

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