Proprietary Blend CONSUMER BEWARE

propriatory blendI’ve been around this industry for decades, 3 of them!   Not only my personal experience with them but the experience of our clients with them.  Our library is stocked with books on herbs.  What they are and how they benefit our health.  I have grown to incorporating them more into my everyday diet.  The benefits of herbs are numerous on our health.

Are they the ONLY means to protecting your health?  I’d say not!

Herbs are the best example I can use to get across the concept of proprietary blend.

Cilantro. In addition to having an impressive list of nutrients, essential oils, anti-oxidants, this herb  is such a worker in our body. It is most often cited as being effective for heavy metal and toxic cleansing.   Heavy metals enter the body well beyond the mercury in your dental fillings.  You consume it, drink it and are exposed to them everyday.  Heavy metals can be the under lying causes of many degenerative diseases as well as affecting the brain and central nervous system.  You recognize this and in supporting your body, health, digestive system,liver in cleansing them out you plant some cilantro in your garden.

You also recognize the value in organic so you grow your cilantro by protecting the earth that it is planted in.  The neighborhood cat comes by and does his business.  You live within the city limits and it rains.  BUT it’s organic you tell yourself.

This IS the same standard as proprietary blend and companies manufacture nutritional supplements to this standard.  Because remember and in case you didn’t know, most companies that manufacture nutritional supplements are in the money business, not health protection.  Proprietary blend is a loosey goosey standard.  A bit of this, a touch of that, it’s a secret.

So, it’s up to you.  If you like to think that because it says “proprietary blend” that your taking something natural and good for you then that’s ok.  I would highly suggest that you watch this and as you open your bottle of nutritional supplements, ask yourself “what standard are these made to”?.  Who’s hands have touched them?

Then come on over here and have a look.

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