Post RESET Week 3

WHERE does time go!  We are starting week 3 of this journey.  Now, I am really hoping that the honeymoon isn't over. Are you still loving this?  The new wardrobe.  More energy.  Improved sleep. Your skin may even look better.  You have glow about you that is lighting up your world.  Others ARE taking notice! … Continue reading Post RESET Week 3

The Niagara Syndrome

Don't know who said it, I just found this as I was cleaning out an old and seldom used email account.  Being the visual person that I am AND having grown up in the mist of the falls, I get it!  Do you? "Most people live what I call "The Niagara Syndrome."    I believe that … Continue reading The Niagara Syndrome

Post RESET Week 2 Destination Transformation

Your day of disgust has come and now it's time to move onward. You have drawn the line in sand and now recognize the value in having the very best of health. With your words and actions up until now you have (figuratively) taken your finger, placed it in the sand and drew that line … Continue reading Post RESET Week 2 Destination Transformation

“The thing in India”

I prefer to share uplifting n positive stuff. BUT.....upon coming home from school, I'm told that in S.A.G.E fashion there was a discussion about "the India thing" (as we like to call it around our home). I am very grateful for S.A.G.E and its commitment to focus learning partially around global issues. It's my choice … Continue reading “The thing in India”

Oh Baby, BIOTIN, I love you

I know you'll be just excited about this as I was. Heck who do you know that has struggled with the same ol 10 pounds year after year? Chances are for some, those 10 lbs have lead to additional weight gain. Weight that after accumulating has lead to being at the door of a disease … Continue reading Oh Baby, BIOTIN, I love you

Post RESET Nation onto week 1

Another round of applause for completing the 5 day RESET, we're onto week one of Destination Transformation. If you haven't yet joined us, hop on this health train any time. Your level of awareness to your body, how it feels with food is heightened a little more than it was a week ago. As we … Continue reading Post RESET Nation onto week 1


Who doesn’t like a “little something” in their lunch or as an afternoon “treat”.  Kids love it, preparing and consuming.   1              cup water 1/3         cup quinoa 1              cup butter, softened 1/2         cup packed brown sugar (I have decreased it from the original 1 1/3 cups) 2              large eggs 1 ½         tsp vanilla 2              … Continue reading HEALTHY QUINOA COOKIES

Three Cheers for Soy

I personally have experienced NUMEROUS inquiries and questions about the benefits of soy.  Well actually they have been fear and mis-information based objections against soy.   Through shakes and tofu, our diet has turned more often to soy based meals.  Number one priority is that you reach for non GMO whenever possible.    As well as … Continue reading Three Cheers for Soy