Post RESET Week 2 Destination Transformation

Your day of disgust has come and now it’s time to move onward. line in the sand

You have drawn the line in sand and now recognize the value in having the very best of health. With your words and actions up until now you have (figuratively) taken your finger, placed it in the sand and drew that line with conviction, commitment and determination. And there ain’t no turning back. You have just come too far.

This is the point where you have accumulated a lot of the great habits that we have been talking about. That point where your confidence level is higher than your frustration. You feel as if you have all the pieces. It’s when there may be a temporary weight gain through a temporary situation BUT you know where to go and what to do to get back on track. The feeling of helplessness and confusion is non existent.

Wow, now doesn’t THAT feel good! I think so.

Let’s talk about snacks. Reaching for nuts and seeds is such a good idea not only now but through out a healthy lifestyle.You need just a little bit of these powerhouses of nutrition to sustain you as a snack.

My tip is to rather than taking out the jar and enjoying from it, find a snack size dish and place your serving in there. Seal the jar and put it away. Just as with a meal, sit down and enjoy it rather than eating on the run.

Have a great week 2!!!!!


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