Post RESET Week 3

21 day habitsWHERE does time go!  We are starting week 3 of this journey.  Now, I am really hoping that the honeymoon isn’t over.

Are you still loving this?  The new wardrobe.  More energy.  Improved sleep. Your skin may even look better.  You have glow about you that is lighting up your world.  Others ARE taking notice!

The 5Day RESET cleanses your body of the cravings and now your into habit forming, health supporting lifestyle.  It takes 21 days to create a new habit.  So this is it!

I really want you to recognize and appreciate how far you have come.  You are:


*becoming the person you have dreamed of being.

*the person who you really are inside.

*you recognize or create your own expectations.

*and you NOW know what you are capable of.            good habits bad habits

You have made a collection of good choices that are now becoming habit and even if there was an “off” time you got right back on track.  Wow!  That mental part is just so powerful!

A message I shared with a client who is jumping back on the RESET train:

This may be over used but “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”  There is huge value in going at it again.  Trying again is a knowing of what you can and will accomplish.  It’s a trusting in yourself.  An adding to an already solid base of knowledge and experience.  I can’t help but think to IF I had stopped competing after one year just because I didn’t “win”.  It was 8 years of doing it again.  Learning something new, changing.  That’s what gets me really excited about coaching people through this.  It shows a high level of character. 
Be sure to acknowledge and be proud of everything little thing you do this week.  Perhaps as you write in your diary add one little thing your grateful for and one thing you did really good.  Regardless of how big or small. 
Appreciate how far you have come, pat yourselves on the back!
As one RESETer said:  ONWARD and DOWNWARD (in weight)  Have a great week!

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