“one hand free” EASY (really) Holiday Survival



I’m sure you all have heard the messages about the holidays and how to eat better, slow down, make the most of them.

After being privileged to be on a call with the great Dr.Oz this week I have a couple simple messages.  Their easy and your going to be relieved:

1.  The first one was:  within an hour of waking, consume some protein. I’ve switched from whole banana or grapefruit to half and 6 walnuts or almonds. Boomstick. That easy to start the day right.

2.  The other thing was that in recognizing the time of the year and all that’s going on he advised that folks maintain, and we’re talking about weight, where you are. If your not where you want to be than just stay where you are.  Put your focus on the new year when routine is restored, life slows down just a bit and we’re not so busy. Speaking of the New Year, have a quick peek at this great, transforming health opportunity.  If this is something that interests you, let’s talk.  If you hear of anyone over the holidays that this would benefit, pass along.

3.  While out socializing he advised us to think with one hand free.  Keep one hand free for a friendly greeting of a hand shake or a warm one armed hug.  PLUS, one hand free keeps the need for snacking (and drinking) to a minimum.  “One hand free” my inside voice will be saying.

4.  This is one is my own tried and tested. Nuts can be your best friend right now. If your going to be out in about grab a zip bag/ jar full with an apple ( and remember your water bottle) to sustain you, support you and energize you!!!!  This is not only for your waist line and health but your pocket book!  We make better decisions with a nourished body and mind.

We have been enjoying some crazy and healthy foods.  Our Christmas morning breakfast tradition is changing this year to a oat bar.  So easy to make and school lunch friendly.  NO NUTS!!!!  In having a last minute invite I am so grateful for a freezer full of peppers.  Although the taste will be just a tad different, store bought will suffice and the warmth fills that comfort food need.  Besides, its RED and festive.

With all that being said and in closing our wish to you for a very Merry Christmas and may all your wishes dreams and goals come to flourish today, tomorrow and throughout 2013!

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