Zinc, colds, skin

Hello I’m zinc. Not sure if we’ve met. I’m an essential micromineral. Micro means really small. Essential means we should be getting know each other every single day.

I support your sense of taste and smell, waive off depression, boost the immune system, digestion, managing diabetes, help heal wounds, as well as supporting your body in using carbohydrates, protein and fat. Basically your going to find me in every biochemical reaction in your body, including your skin. Who doesn’t want to look better! I am one of the top nutrients that help in skin cell renewal.

So how do we get connected? You can find me in some foods:


BUT unless your consuming these every single day, in high quantities AND in quality (meaning organic and non GMO) you can find me hanging out here with these guys

Scientifically Speaking.…………

Now don’t you zinc I’m helpful?

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