Your Brain On Drugs……

…….your cells on garbage.

Lets start with the anti drug campaign of the 80’s; this is drugs, this is your brain on drugs

You all, I’m sure, get it.

The picture your looking at is one wedge of apple placed in a jar of water for 4 days along with a different anti-oxidant in each jar. Lets imagine the apple wedge as a cell in your body. You are eating well, getting daily exercise, aware of stress in your life and manage it. You have even turned to supplements to fill in the gaps. You want and need the extra protection.

Three of the apples have been exposed to the leading brands you may have randomly chosen (because it is very overwhelming in that isle) One, you notice is quite different. You won’t find it on the shelf, but can here.

It takes the same amount of energy to swallow garbage as it does quality.

As you take your supplement, think of this apple as your cell. Do you want real protection?



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