Welcome Back 5 Day RESET


What Goes Around Comes Around – Welcome back 5 DAY RESET

Jelly sandals, Polaroid cameras, and 90s everything aren’t the only things making a big comeback—the 5-Day RESET™ weight-management jumpstart kit WILL BE back. And it’s better than ever.

This is a chance for you to reset your bodies and your lives as you make a clean break from unhealthy eating habits and jumpstart your new healthy lifestyle.

Each RESET Kit includes the following favourites:

  • 8 Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal™ single-serve packets
  • 7 French Vanilla Nutrimeal™ single-serve packets
  • 5 USANA® Probiotic stick packs
  • 5 AM and 5 PM HealthPak™ packets
  • 1 Program Guide

The new kit will be available for purchase beginning July 24 in the United States and August 7 in Canada.

Along with the kit is an exciting new promotion—purchase one 5-Day RESET Kit and receive one free BlenderBottle®† (Item #951). The promotion runs through September 1, beginning on the launch date.

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